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Born Digital

We use technology to develop innovative marketing solutions that connect human beings to brands and businesses


Royomobi designs and executes tailored marketing and monetization solutions, using our powerful, AI-driven proprietary technology and architecture. Our complete offering provides deep insights for precision targeting, high-intent traffic sourcing, and results-driven advertising in every channel, to propel your revenue even higher.

Media Strategy & Planning
Optimize your marketing budget by identifying the highest-performing media types for each vertical, including display, push ads, contextual and domain redirect.
Results-Driven Advertising
We owe our success to our profile as a performance-based company. That’s why every campaign we run is results-driven to deliver for your clients. We support multiple media buy strategies which you can tailor according to your budget and requirements.
Seamless Integration
We built our proprietary technology piece by piece, to integrate seamlessly with any other platform or channel that you use. No matter what software you rely on, Royomobi can coordinate with it without a hitch.
Desktop & Mobile
Increase your income effortlessly when you use in-traffic advertising to display the right ads to the right audience, at the right time. We are constantly adding new targeting criteria to improve our accuracy even further. With Royomobi, you won’t need to guess about your digital marketing campaigns - we deliver accurate business-objective targeting that hits the bulls-eye every time.
Performance-based optimization
Leveraging AI, data-driven marketing, and machine learning, Royomobi provides performance-based optimization that aligns your decisions with your business objectives for better results.
Multi-channel monetization
No matter what type of inventory you offer, we have a monetization solution to match. We directly manage our global inventories of creative, programmatic, direct media and social media ad formats to give you the pick of hundreds of thousands of omnichannel options for multi-channel monetization.
Digital Intelligence
Royomobi gives you full visibility into your every advertising environment. Our tailored reporting shows you exactly the data you need so that you can discover trends, pitfalls, and opportunities faster, manage your time more efficiently, and respond to your clients at speed.
Creative that draws attention
Discover which creative works best for each audience with our in-house creative studio. We tailor the creative to your specific needs for optimum performance, with access to leading ad formats across all devices.


Royomobi’s proprietary services bring powerful, unified solutions for everyone. We help brands develop and deliver data-driven campaigns that drive awareness, increase conversions, and most of all accelerate their business results.